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Cash Management
Cash Pool

1) Product Overview: 
 “Cash pool” is the liquidity management pool that relies on the advanced information technology of CCB to build different account hierarchical relationship inside group enterprise to mainly operate group cash concentration, allocation and also internal fund pricing, periodic payment limit, financial and fund information statement. It can be classified as timing cash pool, real-time cash pool, virtual cash pool, accounting book cash pool by product structure and capital control mode. In which, “timing cash pool” is the working capital management product that builds for the banking settlement accounts of different hierarchical unit inside the customer for timing sweep and allocation of fund; “real-time cash pool” builds the real-time connection of banking settlement accounts of different hierarchical unit inside the group customer (or institutional customer), under the precondition that no bank deposit enlarged in the whole group customers, it is to fulfill the working capital management product taking capital real-time concentration and dynamic sharing as core; “virtual cash pool”, also virtual equal cash pool, which has been offered to group customer to fulfill the combined cash management product of group internal capital virtual concentration, capital sharing under the precondition of no physical transfer of the account capital of the member units of the group; “accounting book cash pool” is the combined cash management product that offers to enterprise cluster customer, takes the basis of integrating customer multi mode cash pool product applications, features in network based account structure, matrix based interest rate model and diversified information report to fulfill unified view of capital, comprehensive pricing, full analysis for customer.  
2) Applicable Target: group enterprise 
3) Product Strength: 
1. Master the capital condition of group and member enterprises, share the dynamics of internal capital, control capital flow and prevent potential risk.  
2. Conduct rational distribution, scheduling and effective utilization of group capital to elevate the utilization efficiency of the capital.  
3. Enhance the internal capital management of the group, fulfill capital resources sharing to reduce accounting cost. 
4. Fulfill internal pricing of group member, paid inter-bank lending via cash pool. 
5. Carry out payment limit management for member entity. 

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