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Cash Management
New Bank Note Pool

1) Product Overview: 
 “New bank note pool” relies on the corporate network strength and banking center service capability of CCB new generation core system to offer customer the comprehensive financial service as commercial draft information registration, engagement management, pledge financing and etc. so as to fulfill the full life cycle management of the bank note in the settlement and circulation step of the bank note holding enterprise. 
2) Applicable Target:  
Enterprises of nonferrous metal, energy and chemistry, infrastructure, mechanical engineering and automobile manufacturing that have greater settlement amount of commercial draft, extensive use of bank note business and increasingly greater demand of management.  
3) Product Advantage:  
1. Professional out-sourcing: fully exert the strength of CCB new generation corporate network and nationwide banking center coverage, align with the distribution of the operation region of the subordinated member entity of the group enterprise to offer paper note and e-note integrated network management via the integration of the network system and connection of the service resources.   
2. Diversified financing: In addition to meet the financing demand via bank note discounting of the note in the bank note pool, the subscribed customer can take the “pledge limit” generated by the pledge of the bank note pooled centrally to join the other low risk credit loan business on the basis of such pool limit.  
3. Personalized customization: Fitting into group internal hierarchy and financing control conception, it is to offer five pledge financing management modes of single, headquarter control, capital concentration, capital disperse and hybrid management to fulfill the objective of personalized customization via the multi dimensional mixture of bank note concentration, limit control force and pledge gathering path.  
4. Interflow of cash pool: dynamic integration of the three core functions of online information management, offline material delivery and pledge financing to include the bank note as “quasi cash” into the customer working asset unified platform for management; it is to blend the bank note pool and cash pool of the capital pool to enable the bank note that member entity deposits in the bank note pool to be converted into capital pool limit and then blend into headquarter sharing together with the limit of cash pool.

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