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Cash Management
Global Cash Management

1) Product Overview:  
 “Global cash management” is that CCB integrates the resources of overseas and domestic, internal and external, domestic and home currency account, product and channel to offer cross-national group enterprise the global cross-currency, cross-bank and cross time zone cash management comprehensive service. The business coverage includes the comprehensive, strategic financial service of the contents of global account unified view, cross-border capital collection and payment and liquidity management, onshore/offshore capital concentration management, investment financing and risk management,. Based on the in-depth cooperation with SWIFT organization, financial software servicer, CCB constructs the comprehensive global cash management product system covering global account management, global collection and payment, global liquidity and global information report, so as to fulfill the “visualization, control and use” of the cross-national enterprise cash flow globally and realize the “one point access, serve the world” cash management service capability.  
2) Applicable Target 
Cross-national group customer joined in SWIFT organization or operating global capital operation via international commercial bank 
3)    Product Advantage:  
1. Massive message processing. 
2. Direct transaction processing. 
3. High integration with customer system. 
4. Accessible to various networks. 
5. Expandability and customization.

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