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Cash Management
Corporate Yihutong

1) Product Overview: 
 “Corporate Yihutong” is the cash management product that CCB offers to customer via one entity RMB banking settlement account so as to fulfill the unified management of the RMB deposit of different natures as current, fixed tern, notice and negotiation and different terms.  
2) Applicable Target: All corporate customers opened account in CCB. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Fulfill the entity deposit comprehensive account function, i.e. carry out classified management of capital of different sources and natures via one entity RMB banking settlement account to conduct interest accrual respectively so as to enhance income rate of funds, and fulfill value maintenance and addition of fund. 
2. Simplify formality, the master account performs account opening and registration formality, and the sub-account has been set based on customer application; both master account and current sub-account can directly operation external settlement.  
3. Based on the different requirements of customer, Yihutong has two level modes and three level modes to meet customer demand on different level statistics and flexible management.

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