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Cash Management
Unionpay Entity Debit Card

1) Product Overview 
 “Unionpay entity debit card” is the account concentration management, using tool issued by CCB to entity customer, taking card as medium, for the transaction of related account payment and settlement and investment and financing business with password (or password and additional payment password), it has the functions as identification, transfer and remittance, cash deposit and withdrawal, consumption payment, investment and financing, information report and etc. 
2) Applicable Target: All corporate customers opened account in CCB. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Fulfill transaction of cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and enquiry businesses via CCB channels as all banking center, self-service device ATM, POS, online banking 7*24hours.  
2. Taking card as medium, it is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. 
3. It takes card as medium and password (or password and additional payment password) as payment basis, requiring no specimen seal verification, thus the formality is easier and payment is safer.  
4. Each card can be set respectively as business trip card, collection card (fulfill by setting limit, collect only without payment); the setting is flexible; the counterparty and transaction authority can be set independently. 
5. A piece of card can simultaneously connect more accounts under the name of customer, executing unified account management; the master card, sub-card can be issued according to the use demand of different level, different authority of internal capital management of customer. 
6. Customized card image, develop the specialized card exclusively for enterprise. 
7. Offer the transaction detail of each card separately, and the transaction detail can be enquired by card number.  

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