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Cash Management

1) Product Overview: 
 “Huikuantong” service focuses on the most vital, most universal sales fund recovery step in the production and operation activity of supply chain core enterprises to elevate the fund deposit-taking capacity of cash management business, expand target customer base of cash management, promote other financial product and the connected marketing product of upstream and downstream customer via full collection solution.  
2) Applicable Target: All corporate customers opened account in CCB. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Enhance the convenience of capital management: specially highlight to the customer the multi-dimensional account management of enterprise by product variety, sales mode, and develop account number, customize nickname of account according to the internal management requirement. 
2. Elevate the payment quickness and convenience of buyer customer: local and non-local personal/enterprise customer (opened account in CCB or not) can pay goods payment to the manufacturer via the various channels as counter, online banking, phone banking, mobile banking, ATM self-service device and etc.  
3. Enhance the timeliness of information feedback: timely feedback customer payment information (including payer name, name of paying bank, amount, summary, number of PO and etc.) to facilitate enterprise to organize production timely. 
4. Enhance the rapidity of loan sweep: fulfill the real-time transfer of local or non-local sales fund to accelerate the fulfillment of the zero balance management of the fund in the non-local branch office. 
5. Globality of business operation channel: break through the limit of business hour of corporate counter to fulfill 7*24 hour service so as to facilitate the collection in holiday and at night.  
6. Accretive of precipitation fund: earn flexible accretive revenue for the precipitation fund in the meanwhile of securing payment convenience.

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