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Cash Management
Payment and Collection Service

1) Product Overview: 
 “Payment and collection business” is the service that the client, payer (entity or individual) and bank sign bilateral or trilateral agreement, then the bank, pursuant to the payment checklist or enciphered data information media (incl. disk, CD or email, hereinafter “disk”), agents the payment and collection.  
2) Applicable Target: All corporate customers opened account in CCB. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Include payment of water rate, power rate, gas fee, telephone charge, insurance expenses, tuition fee, newspaper expenses, rent, payroll, bonus, allowance, settlement of insurance claim, reimbursement, social security fund and etc.   
2. Customer may rely on CCB channels as online banking, ATM self-service terminal, counter to transaction business easily, replacing the manual mode. The usage of enciphered client end offered by CCB assists the entity to clarify the internal duty scope and condition each other, which facilitates the internal control of the entity.  
3. Applicable for administrative institution customer, enterprise and public institution customer, corporate customer, financial institution customer, self-employed businessman and group customer or cross-national company branch office or department and etc.

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