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Corporate Online Banking

1) Product Overview: 
Corporate online banking is the Internet-based service system, relying on core system to offer corporate customer the functions as online account enquiry, fund transfer, agent payment and withholding, investment and financing and etc. The customer enjoys everywhere the online financial service at any time to save the time of going to bank so as to elevate the financial operation efficiency and accelerate capital flow rate. 
2) Applicable Target: 
CCB Corporate Customer 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Rich functions: it offers both the basic financial service as enquiry, transfer, agent payment and withholding, and also the featured services as credit financing, bill business, investment and financing and etc.  
2. Flexible procedure: it can set several operator roles as document preparation, review; support multi level transaction procedure control. 
3. Friendly and easy to use: it takes Internet as carrier, fully consider customer experience effect, present simple and clear display and easy operation step. It also provides the supportive function as FAQ, online mail and etc.; fulfill the favorable online interaction between bank and enterprise.  
4. Convenient and swift: offers 7*24 hour round-the-clock service; whenever you access into Internet via computer, you can operate the banking service as account administration, capital transfer, investment and financing, credit financing and etc.  
5. Cost saving: 1) saves the cost that your travels back and forth to bank; 2) manages the enterprise internal operation via system to reduce the enterprise management cost expenses; 3) enjoys the preferential as commission discount; 4) real-time transaction to flexibly master the enterprise cash flow.  
6. Safe and reliable: takes USB Key or dynamic token as certificate medium to offer several safety measures as transaction limit, operation procedure, password to secure customer operation and capital safety.

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