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Corporate Mobile Banking

1) Product Overview:  
CCB corporate mobile banking supports IOS, Android operation system; customer can fulfill 7*24 hour service with Internet-accessed mobile terminal device and downloading of “CCB corporate banking” APP. Corporate mobile banking can effectively meet corporate customer’s business demands as real-time financial information, capital transfer, and customer can fulfill the real-time switch of mobile office and regular office mode via the interconnection of corporate mobile banking and corporate online banking.  
2) Applicable Target: 
Corporate online banking senior customer, enterprise owner, finance with mobile office demand due to frequent business trip, meeting, fulfill full process transactions as transfer, agent payment via mobile phone, and the value added service as account enquiry, industry and commerce name card, duty paragraph information and etc.  
3) Product Advantage:  
1. Easy to open, online completion, avoid going to the counters; 
2. Know corporate account anytime and anywhere; 
3. Payment approval, has the situation well in hand; 
4. Safe and reliable, fund secured as locked; 
5. Free of charge, more acceptable by the small and micro businesses that are sensitive to price; 
6. Flexible operation, rich function, support mobile trading full procedure, no regional restriction.

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