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Shanrong Commerce

1) Product Overview:  
Shanrong commerce integrates commodity wholesale and retail, enterprise supply chain, cross-border service, business travel service, offers customer the all-round services as information release, deal making and online customer service, deploys corporate financing product, personal financing product, credit card installment, financing product to meet customer diversified financial service demand to become the Internet financial service innovation platform bridging both boundaries of enterprise and finance.  
2) Applicable Target: 
The cross-border e-commerce customer expecting to expand e-commerce sales channel to fulfill product information release and sales.  
3) Product Strength: 
1. Shanrong Commerce personal mall positions in B2C platform of personal consumer, and the platform offers personal consumer with cross-border and non-cross-border product and related services via member merchants. In purchasing commodity, customer can directly fulfill installment payment, credit card point or loan payment application. 
2. Shanrong Commerce enterprise mall positions in independent B2B platform facing enterprise user, integrates the capital flow, information flow, logistic flow to offer customer with all-round professional services as information release, online trading, payment settlement, financing loan and etc.  
3. Shanfutong is to fulfill the direct connection of settlement and PO for enterprise supply management, reduce enterprise accounting reconciliation burden, simply transaction manner and fulfill trading synergy, online settlement to improve the solution of offering enterprise supply chain management platform.

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