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International Settlement
                                                                                Outward Remittance
1) Product Overview: 
Outward remittance is one of the settlement methods of international trade; the bank accepts customer engagement to remit the outward fund to the bank account of beneficiary designated by the remitter via the overseas sister bank or foreign correspondent bank of the bank. 
2) Product Function/Applicable Target:   
1. CCB remittance services as wire transfe and demand draft offered to domestic enterprise and public institution, organization, foreign funded enterprise, institution stationed in China, person holding foreign passport and government-sponsored people going. 
2. CCB also offers the services as exchange purchasing, international balance of payment declaration, remittance business enquiry related to outward remittance.  
3) Product Advantage/Feature: 
1. Low in price and high in efficiency, comparing to L/C and collection, outward remittance presents the strengths as cheap in price, easy in formality, fast in speed and high in efficiency; 
2. Convenient and swift, the remittance application can be filed via online banking, and CCB cross-border e+ directly connects with the “single window” platform from place to place to meet your requirement on one-stop cargo trade remittance full procedure on-line e-service;  
3. Win the initiative, the importer completes the payment upon inspection as the cargo delivered, which can avoid the commercial risk of unmatched item, shortage or disqualified quality so as to seize the initiative of final payment. 

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