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International Settlement
 Import L/C
1) Product Overview: 
Import L/C establishment means that CCB, pursuant to the requirement and instruction of importer (applicant), issues to the exporter (beneficiary) the written commitment of payment certain amount at sight of specified voucher within specified term.  
2) Product Function/Applicable Target: 
1. CCB is capable of meeting your demand of various L/C issuance, e.g. payment L/C, acceptance L/C, deferred payment L/C, negotiation L/C, transferable L/C, back-to-back L/C; revolving L/C and etc. 
2. Deduct and exempt cash deposit in issuance; the cash deposit can be deducted and exempted according to your credit standing; 
3. If you pay cash deposit in full prior to issuance or have L/C issuance limit in CCB, you can have most efficient L/C issuance service in terms of L/C establishment business; 
4. CCB also offers the quality services as change of certificate after issuance, review, acceptance and payment of bills; 
5. Offers you with the subsequent services as delivery against bank guarantee, endorsement of bill of lading, trust receipt loan, refinancing and etc.;  
6. Offers you the foreign exchange fund service as spot/forward exchange purchasing, spot/forward exchange transaction, matching with payment by L/C so as to assist you to avoid foreign exchange rate risk.  
3) Product Advantage/Feature: 
1. Credit enhancement. Upon the issuance of L/C, CCB then undertakes the first payment liability, and your external payment commitment will then elevate from general commercial credit to bank credit, so that you can take the initiative in the negotiation to strive for rather rational prices for goods or other preferential condition;  
2. Transaction safety. The intervention of bank in your trading with exporter can facilitate more normalized trading process; based on the requirements on bills of L/C, you can effectively control the rights of goods, transportation manner, shipment date and goods quality and etc.  
3. Reduction of fund occupation. In the course of L/C issuance, you can apply to CCB for deduction and exemption of cash deposit, and the short term financing businesses as trust receipt loan, refinancing can be applied in the event of fund shortage for payment.

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