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Trust Receipt Loan

1) Product Overview: 
Non-L/C T/R Loan: Non-L/C T/R Loan is the short term financing that CCB, pursuant to the credit status of importer with the settlement manner of pay on delivery or inward collection, to pay externally the payment of goods for the applicant (importer), provided that the T/R has been issued.  
L/C T/R Loan: L/C T/R Loan is the financing behavior that CCB, pursuant to the requirement of customer (opener), offers customer loan redemption on the payment maturity date after the establishment of L/C, provided that the T/R has been submitted by customer. 
2) Applicable Target: 
1. CCB offers the T/R Loan under the major international settlement methods as collection, remittance, L/C and etc. to meet your payment demand; 
2. CCB can determine for you the optimal loan term based on your recycling time; 
3. CCB, according to your self-owned fund, offers loan financing with the highest to payable amount or full amount of L/C; 
4. The currency of T/R loan can be foreign currency or RMB; the currency of loan can be coincidence with the currency of L/C if it is L/C T/R Loan and the loan interest rate shall be the interest rate of the working capital of the same term; 
5. CCB will review the limit of L/C T/R Loan pursuant to your credit status, financial condition, transacts T/R Loan within the limit. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Rapid redemption and taking delivery of goods. CCB loan pays your payables under the import so that you can rapidly acquire the bills under the import to take the delivery of goods to enter into the procedure of production, processing, sales and etc. a.s.a.p.; 
2. Reduce fund occupation. You can obtain the imported goods with CCB fund, and then repay the loan with the payment collection of goods sales so as to reduce the occupation of the self-owned fund; 
3. More time for goods sales. Though exporter offers you preferential in payment term, CCB offers T/R Loan for you to pay payment for goods so that you can have more sufficient time to complete sales, and then repay the loan as the sales payment has been withdrawn from circulation.

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