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Online Banking “E-diantong”

1) Product Definition:  
Online Supply Chain “e-Supplying Financing” product is an innovative product that with the cooperation of the core enterprise in the industry, China Construction Bank offers the full procedure online operated factoring services to nationwide upstream suppliers, in receiving the suppliers’ account receivables generated by the supply/service rendering to the core enterprise. This product dynamically combined the online banking business with domestic factoring business. 
2) Service Target:  
The upstream suppliers of the core enterprise of steady operation, rapid turnover and large short term demand of fund, including Shanghai local and non-local supplier. 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Simple procedure: register and apply on CCB website. Sign contract via CCB corporate online banking, full procedure e-operation, easily obtain the loan at home, in office. The non-local customer can open account and corporate banking in local CCB.  
2. In cooperation with the core enterprise, the leading CCB branch provide factoring services to the suppliers throughout the country. 
3. Quick withdrawal and use: the account receivable confirmed by the core enterprise can complete the lending preparation within T+0 to T + 1 working day, the applicant can circulate within the limit of the contract, and withdrawal and use autonomously, borrow and repay as wishes.  
4. Flexible repayment: prior to the maturity of advance payment, the applicant can repay in advance so as to save the interest expenses, the interest will be accrued on daily basis.  
5. Account receivable management: CCB also offer customer full account receivable management for customer to easily learn the PO information.

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