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M&A Loan

1) Product Overview:
M&A loan is the loan that CCB grants to the acquirer or the “subsidiary” (the wholly or holding subsidiary with other business operation activity the acquirer dedicatedly incorporated in the course of M&A execution) to pay for the M&A transaction payment.

2) Product Function/Applicable Target:
1. Mainly for customer with M&A financing demand
2. Priority support the quality customer with long term credit cooperation relationship with CCB
3. Priority support the industry restructuring supported by the national policy
4. Priority support the M&A of large state-owned enterprise and other large enterprise

3) Product Advantage/Feature:
1. Loan term: generally no longer than 7 years
2. Ratio of self-owned fund: no less than 40% of the amount of the M&A transaction
3. Flexible guarantee manner: adopts the manners as mortgage, pledge and third party warranty

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