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Trade Finance

1) Product Overview:  
Refinancing is the short term financing method that CCB, based on the credit status of importer, offers to pay the import payment under the settlement method of L/C, inward collection, T/T payment which has been instructed by the domestic branch of CCB to be done by the overseas bank for the importer, provided that the importer issues the trust receipt and bears the financing expenses.  
2) Service Object:  
1. CCB can operate all refinancing businesses under all international settlement methods of L/C, inward collection, T/T payment and etc.; 
2. CCB can engage overseas bank or other bank to pay for you the import payable so as to meet your import demand; 
3. CCB can determine for you the optimal loan term based on your recycling time; 
3) Product Advantage: 
1. Reduce financing cost. Refinancing business, a.k.a. buyer interest discounting business, you, as the buyer, shall pat the expenses that generally lower than the interest expenses of the domestic loan of the same term so that your financing cost can be reduced;  
2. Competitive payment manner. Under the three major international settlement manners, you can provide the overseas exporter with the condition of immediate payment, which makes you more competitive in business negotiation; 
3. Reduce fund occupation. CCB transacts refinancing for you to fulfill the effect of external immediate payment while actually deferred payment. You can obtain the documents under L/C, inward collection, T/T payment without using self-owned fund so as to take the delivery of goods as soon as possible to enter into the processes of production, processing and sales, and the sales payment will be used to repay the amount paid by CCB, upon the completion of sales, which will reduce the fund occupation;  
4. Prolong sales cycle. As CCB offers you the optimal refinancing term, you can have the sufficient time to complete the sales, and then repay the loan as the sales payment has been withdrawn from circulation.

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