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Trade Finance
Commodity Finance

1) Product Overview: 
 “Commodity Finance®” business means that customer takes the personal estate of goods or the ownership license representing the above personal estate self-owned or third party legally owned and met CCB provisions as pledge to apply to CCB for credit granting support under import and export trading provided that CCB designates third party logistic enterprise to be in charge of the regulation of the above personal estate. Currently, CCB “commodity finance” business main has three modes of “spot goods warehouse”, “ocean and rail warehouse” and “bonded warehouse”. 
2) Product Function/Applicable Target: 
 “Spot goods warehouse” mode can transfer your temporarily idle goods in stock into bank credit limit so that you can apply to conduct all sorts of export and import trade financing product; while “ocean and rail warehouse” and “bonded warehouse” modes can meet your demand on large sum of import L/C issuance. Under various modes, customer may transact all kinds of trade financing products as import L/C issuance, package loan, export negotiation, T/R loan and etc.; for the specific function of each single trade financing product, please refer to the detailed overview of above products of CCB. 
3) Product Advantage/Feature: 
1. Break through the traditional credit granting of bank to solve your problem of shortage of general credit limit. 
2. Solve the customer difficulty in offer guarantee.

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