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Account Receivable Pooling

1) Product Overview: 
Account receivable pooling is the short term trade financing service that CCB collects the receivables and offers according to customer qualification and the quality of receivables under the condition that customer sells goods to the payer in manner of L/C, collection or sell on credit and then assigns the account receivable creditor’s right to CCB.  
2) Product Function/Applicable Target: 
1. Account receivable pooling business takes the precondition that customer assigns the account receivable to CCB, who, bases on the quality and quantity of the account receivables to offer the export and import enterprise customer a package of trade financing service to solve the problem of shortage of credit granting for enterprise. The usage include: cash withdrawal mode: direct discounting to the account receivables; guarantee mode: based on the precondition of guarantee on the assignment of the account receivables, it is to operate several credit loan businesses as L/C issuance, T/R loan, import factoring, outward documentary bill, and credit insurance financing.  
2. Account receivable pooling business collects the dispersive account receivables into “account receivable pool”, adopting the principle of “many a little makes a mickle, deposit and withdrawal as one wishes” of reservoir, which fully exert the account receivable resources of customer generated to offer the import and export circulating financing service so as to elevate the usage efficiency of customer account receivables.  
3) Product Advantage/Feature: 
1. Requires no other underlying security in principle. 
2. Assist customer to manage account receivable to improve the collection of the account and save the management cost of enterprise.  
3. Vitalize customer fund, accelerate the turnover of fund to facilitate better development of enterprise.  
4. Diversified forms of payment and usage. It is to execute single account financing, multi accounts package financing based on customer demand, trade payment days financing, and also set fixed financing term, and then return all for financing upon maturity.  
5. It is not only loan business to be carries out but also guarantee to be offered to customer for other trade financing businesses, and no additional mortgage and pledge required.

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